Meetup Groups: Accessing Polyamory Support Near You

Meetup Groups: Accessing Polyamory Support Near You

There are plenty of ways to learn about polyamory and get polyamory support.  One of my favorite ways to deepen my relationship with polyamory is to meet people in person.  This can be edgy for some.  Not everyone is game for going out, socializing, and sharing their stories.  Attending meetups can be time-consuming and they might not live up to your expectations.  That said, I like to encourage my polyamory counseling clients to see what kinds of poly-friendly events are happening in their community.  It’s a great way to get polyamory support between coaching sessions.

Here’s a list of common questions that come up for people when they are looking for polyamory support meetup groups:

What kinds of polyamory support meetup groups are out there?

Each city will have its own flavor of polyamory and polyamory events offered.  Gatherings tend to be either educational or social.  Those that are geared towards learning the lifestyle can be incredibly informative.  Those that focus more on socializing and dating are fun too!  The takeaway here is that poly groups are out there.  It’s just a matter of finding them and seeing which one is right for you.

How do I find polyamory support groups?

The best way to find out what kinds of polyamory support meetups are offered in your area is to look online.  Consider typing the following search terms into our browser to find a poly group near you:

  • “polyamory support groups [enter your city]”
  • “polyamory meetups [enter city]”
  • “polyamory events [enter city]”
  • You can enter the same search terms on Facebook and on Fetlife.

How do I know if the poly meetup is right for me?

The best way to know if a poly meetup is right for you is to read a bit about the meetup itself.  Do a bit of research on the community, its members, its past events, and the theme being offered.  From there, it’s a matter of showing up to the event and experiencing it for yourself.  Keep in mind, every meetup will be different.  It’s a good idea to try a few.  And when you’re there, ask those who attend about their experiences in other groups as well.

Will I find a date at a polyamory support meetup?

There’s no way of telling who you will meet at any given polyamory meetup group.  As mentioned above, most meetups have a theme or an intention.  Knowing this ahead of time can be very helpful.  Most poly communities have very clear boundaries on what kind of behavior is welcome.  Regardless of what your ultimate desire is, it’s best to keep an open mind and see what happens.  Let go of your attachment to meeting your next play partner and have fun!

What can I expect from a polyamory support meetup group?

Most groups or events have a theme or an intention they share before the meetup.  Topics for educational gatherings might range from how to open a relationship, to how to deal with poly-drama, to how to address sexually transmitted diseases.  Social mixers might range from a “meet & greet” at a local bar, to a poly speed dating event, to a full-on play party.  It’s important to do your research to determine what events are happening and which ones align with your desires.

How can I best prepare for a polyamory support meetup group?

Again, the best way to prepare for any poly event is to look on the event page for details on the theme, location, and dress.  If you’re going with a partner, you may want to have a conversation prior to the gathering to go over any intentions, agreements, or boundaries.  Above all, be yourself and be open to meeting some new people.

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