What Guarantee Will I Have In A Polyamorous Relationship?

Polyamory Relationship Counseling » What Guarantee Will I Have In A Polyamorous Relationship?

Here’s how I respond when someone asks me about guarantees and polyamory:

What are you looking for in terms of “guarantee”?

Is it any different than what you might “expect” in a monogamous relationship or in life?

As I see it, polyamory and poly relationships are based on authentic expression, transparent communication, mutual respect, honesty, and care for everyone involved.  For me, this seems like a pretty sweet guarantee for personal empowerment and healthy connection with others.  Monogamy certainly can offer that too.  However, when one or more partners start to edit or lose themselves and they don’t have a way to express this, things can get challenging.

I have a friend who said he wanted to have a monogamous relationship and use the kind of communication and relating that comes with poly relationships.  I love that!

The bottom line is that anything is possible.

Whether you choose to be polyamorous, monogamous, or something in between, each relationship style will have its beauty and its challenges.

There are no guarantees.

What’s important is to get down to what is most true for you and live from that place.

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