Polyamory Relationship Counseling

Polyamory Relationship Counseling

People come to me for polyamory relationship counseling when they need support.

When a client comes to me, I give them my full attention and offer them a safe place to share their story. I’m a firm believer that every story needs to be heard, at least once. Sharing our story gives us an opportunity to see it for what it is. Sharing our story gives us insight into our role in it. This allows us to consider what actions we can take in to shift the story and create an entirely new experience.  I enjoy helping my clients making positive shifts in their lives and in their relationships.

Special Note: Although I use a polyamory relationship counseling approach, I am a professional polyamory relationship coach. In addition to my years of experience as an expert, I also have years of experience in polyamory, open relationships and other forms of ethical non-monogamy.

Is Polyamory Relationship Counseling Right For You?

The best way to see if polyamory relationship counseling is right for you is to have an initial consultation.  This consultation, or exploratory session, gives you have a chance to share your story with me.  You will get instant feedback and have an opportunity to ask any questions you have about the work I do and how we might work together.  During this time you will get a glimpse into what is blocking you from reaching your goals and what you can do to immediately shift things.  Together we will get clear on where you are, where you want to go, and what steps you can take to get you there. 

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What Kinds Of Insights Can I Gain From Polyamory Relationship Counseling?

I’m always amazed at what transpires during polyamory relationship counseling sessions.  As a third party, I have the advantage of being able to expose and call out what many of my Poly-Coach clients do not see.  Polyamory offers plenty of opportunities for us to express ourselves in new and exciting ways.  It’s important to embrace what comes up in ways that celebrate ourselves and others.  When we show up and allow ourselves to be who we are, and support others in doing the same, we give ourselves and others opportunity to be more real and to love and appreciate who we are in our purest form.

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What Does A Typical Polyamory Relationship Counseling Session Look Like?

Generally speaking, people who seek polyamory relationship counseling are looking for support in their poly relationships. Many have questions about polyamory. They want to talk with a poly-friendly counselor who has experience in the lifestyle.  They want to talk with a professional who has skills to help them move through challenging situations.  There is no one “type” of polyamorous relationship counseling client. As a coach using a polyamorous relationship counseling approach, I work with individuals, couples, and groups. I address client’s needs in the moment, and together we come up with a plan to move forward.

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Sharing Client Breakthroughs From Sessions

It’s very common for clients to have simple yet profound breakthroughs during a polyamory relationship counseling session.

The majority of the breakthroughs are a result of seeing how our unconscious beliefs and patterns of behavior create havoc in our life.

Once we bring those unconscious beliefs to the conscious level, we gain an understanding of what we need to do to develop new skills that allow us to feel more true to ourselves and more empowered in our relationships.

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Guarantees In Polyamory And How A Polyamory Relationship Counseling Approach Can Help

In reality, there are no guarantees.  In order for any polyamorous relationship to be healthy and sustainable, it needs to be set up in a way that supports all participants.  Making sure everyone’s needs are met can be very challenging.  There are many factors to consider.  Choosing polyamory will open the door to personal empowerment, expression, self-care, and connection with others. This is where working with a poly professional using a polyamory relationship counseling approach can help.

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