How To Survive Being In Multiple Relationships

Chances are, if you made it to this page, you’re wondering how people can actually survive being in an open relationship.

To address this concern, I invite you to consider the following:

What would it be like to live in a world where everyone could be in love with everyone else, including yourself, without fear of jealousy, insecurity, and disconnection?

Imagine a world where every relationship you have, whether it be sexual, non-sexual, short term or long term, feels just right and in perfect alignment with your deepest desires and deepest longing for intimacy, connection, playfulness, and love.

What would it take to cultivate relationships such as these? What changes, considerations, communications, and practices might take place in order to have, to support, and nourish relationships based on love, desire, intimacy, alignment, and connection?

Do they all have to be sexual? Can they be? What if they could be however you like and they could shift and morph, transform and grow, and become even more than you could possibly imagine?

What would it take to have and experience this kind of life, this kind of love, this kind of connection with others?

The open relationship lifestyle is akin to navigating a river with category five rapids. Our survival is the result of everyone working as a team.

Whether you’re actively engaged in the lifestyle or exploring your options, keep in mind that you will get out of it what you put into it. Consider the practice of being in an open relationship as an invitation to stay true to yourself on all fronts and allowing others to do the same.

Remember, support is always available.  If you are needing someone to talk to, reach out to a friend.   If you don’t have a trusted friend who will understand your queries, then go online.  There are tons of resources available for you to tap into.  And, of course, feel free to contact me.  If I can’t help you, I will direct you to someone who can.

The open relationship lifestyle is an edgy one.  There isn’t a “how to” book to help us with all of the situations that come up.  That’s a part of the territory.  We need to remind ourselves that we are never alone.  Together we make it real. Together we grow with strength, confidence, compassion, joy, grace, and love.

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About the Author

Laurie Ellington

I teach people how to break through false beliefs and negative behavior patterns. I offer my clients tools that empower their life and their relationships.