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Creating Connection In Your Poly Relationship

Here’s a simple tip to create more connection in your poly relationship.  It works for anyone really.  And, when we’re talking polyamory… the more the merrier, right? Have you ever found yourself lost in your thoughts? By “lost” I mean there’s more attention on what...

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Love and Respect Yourself in Poly Relationships

I found myself in therapy earlier this week. (Yes, poly coaches need therapy too!). I hit the jackpot with a sweet young woman from the Austin Mindfulness Center. The core of their work is mindfulness and acceptance of ourselves with committed action to values that...

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Breakthroughs in Poly Coaching

Wow!  Another breakthrough in my poly coaching practice.  I am amazed how clients come to me with the very issues I am dealing with/wanting to shift in my own life. Today’s client spoke of inaction, a feeling of passivity, getting stuck, unable to move forward.  His...

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What Do Elephants And Polyamory Have In Common?

Have you ever heard of an “elephant in the room”? What about an “elephant in the closet”? I’m referring to the things that are unspoken between two or more people.  The moments when everyone is certain something is there, something unspoken is lying dormant, just...

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