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People often ask me where they can find potential partners and playmates.  They know what they want and now they’re ready to meet people.  Although it takes time and energy to find the right person, when you do, you’ll be delighted!

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Here’s a list of recommendations of where to find like-minded open relationship people:


Online dating where I encourage people to start looking for other people to meet.  It’s geared toward traditional and non-traditional relationships so saying you’re in an open relationship is okay.  There’s space for you to create a profile and you can upload photos.  Plus, it’s free!  I always encourage people to be upfront to be upfront with who they are, what they are looking for, and to always post recent pictures.

Phone Apps

Tinder and Bumble are fast ways to find sex-positive people for singles and couples.  I’m sure there are phone apps that are geared specifically towards couples looking for singles and other couples.  The best thing to do is to look on your phone and do a search.  You may be surprised by what you find.

Meetup Groups allows you to search all over the world to see what’s happening in your area or in a place you might be visiting.  It is common for people to get together for dinner, drinks, or a game night.  Meeting in person is a great way learn and discuss topics related to open relationships and get yourself out there.


Facebook is an easy way to connect with like-minded people, get support, join the conversation, and learn how others are meeting open relationship people.  Many groups discourage private messaging to group members so be sure to read the fine print in the “about” section of the group about what’s allowed and what is not allowed.  It’s no fun to receive an unsolicited message from a stranger and it’s no fun to be banned from a group.


Fetlife is a free social media network for those interested in kink.  It’s worth checking out to see what is being offered in your area.  You may find some like-minded people and create some really fun connections!

Swinger Sites

There are a variety of swinger sites and groups out there.  Adult Friend Finder, Swingers Dating Club, and Kasidie are a few.  There is usually a free one-month trial, and then you pay a monthly fee thereafter.  Joining a swinger site is a fun way for anyone to get their feet wet in meeting other sex-positive people.  Plus, people verify each other which means there’s a level of integrity and transparency that people share.   This is a great feature because you get a really good sense of who someone is before you meet them.


Craiglist’s “casual encounters” is set up specifically to help people find people.  Granted, it’s crucial to be very clear with what you are looking for and clear in how you present yourself to others.  Above all, be careful!

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