Open Relationship Counseling

Open Relationship Counseling

Open Relationship Counseling

My clients come to me for support with issues related to non-monogamy.  Sometimes, one partner cheats on another.  Other times, someone has a desire to be with someone but doesn’t want to cheat.  Every client has a story that is unique to their relationship.

When a client comes to me, I give them my full attention. I’m a firm believer that every story needs to be heard, at least once. Offering an individual or couple a safe place to share their story is very powerful. As a professional coach using an open relationship counseling approach, I will walk through the fire with you.  This will help you see your fire for what it is. When we can see our story for what it is, we can change our behaviors.  The result, we shift our story and create an entirely new experience.

Special Note: Although I use an open relationship counseling approach, I am a professional open relationship coach. In addition to my years of experience as an expert, I also have years of experience in open relationships, polyamory and other forms of ethical non-monogamy.

As an open relationship coach, I can legally share my personal experience with you when it is in service to help you gain perspective on a given situation. This is something that licensed counselors cannot do. Also, I can do sessions virtually anywhere. Most licensed counselors are bound to doing sessions in a private office which tends to increase their hourly rate.

Lastly, it is rare to find a licensed open relationship counselor who has the kind of “boots on the ground” experience with open relationships and ethical non-monogamy that I have. This is one of the main reasons people hire me as their experienced and professional open relationship coach.

Questions? Feel free to contact me or schedule a consultation to see if I am able to offer the help you need.

Is Open Relationship Counseling Is Right For You?

The best way to see if open relationship counseling is right for you is to have an initial consultation. This consultation, or exploratory session, gives you have a chance to share your story in a safe container. You will get instant feedback and have an opportunity to ask any questions you have about the work I do. During this time you will begin to notice what’s blocking you from reaching your goals and what you can do to immediately shift things. Together we will get clear on where you are, where you want to go, and help you see what action steps you can take to get you there.

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Relationship Counseling vs. Coaching

Many people confuse relationship coaching with relationship counseling.  My approach is similar to relationship counseling in that my intention is to help people create positive changes in their lives and in their relationships.  My approach is different from counseling in that I do not specialize in the treatment of diagnosed conditions.  I am action based where counseling tends to be more process based.  Finding the right person to work with is incredibly important.  I encourage people to do their research, take time to have consultations, and ask questions.  

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Benefits Of Working With An Open Relationship Expert

Regardless of where you are on your open relationship journey, it’s incredibly important to feel accepted, understood, and supported by the person you hire to help you.  Initial consultations and exploratory sessions are a great way to determine who is the best person for the job.  When someone calls me for an initial consultation, I give them my 100% attention.  I let them ask questions, I share with the complexities of ethical non-monogamy, and I give them a taste of some tools that might help them.  This conversation helps any potential client get clear on what’s the next best step for them and if it’s in alignment to work with me or to work with someone else.

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Learn Valuable Communication Skills

The open relationship lifestyle offers plenty of opportunities for us to express ourselves in new and exciting ways.  Engaging in healthy communication is essential.  When we show up and allow ourselves to be who we are, and support others in doing the same, we give ourselves and others opportunity to be more real and to love and appreciate who we are in our purest form.  And let’s be honest, it can be really hard to communicate sometimes; especially when there is a lot of emotional energy involved.  As a third party, I have the advantage of being able to expose and call out what many of my clients do not see.  In this position, I am able to offer tools and insights to help couples create positive changes in their relationship.   

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Experience “Ah-Ha” Moments Using An Open Relationship Counseling Approach

Have you ever had an “Ah-ha” moment?  It’s as if someone turned on a light inside and everything that was once dark is suddenly clear?  For me, it feels like an energetic chiropractic adjustment.  Something inside me gets reset and I now have a more expansive perspective on myself and the situation I am involved in. In this space, I feel aligned, empowered, and confident.  In my work as a coach using an open relationship counseling approach, my intention is to help my clients experience “Ah-ha” moments whenever possible.  It is in these moments, clients are most able to create positive shifts in their lives and in their relationships.

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When Dealing With Feelings, Validation Is Not Submission

It’s very common for my clients to have simple yet profound breakthroughs during an open relationship counseling and coaching session.  The majority of the breakthroughs are a result of unconscious patterns becoming conscious.  These breakthroughs help us get clear on what behaviors we need to shift.  Making these shifts allows us to feel more true to ourselves and more empowered in our relationships.  This was the case for one client who realized that he could validate his partner’s feeling and experience without taking it on for himself.  This was a game changer for him.  Up until then, his pattern was to adjust his needs in order to take care of his partner’s feelings.  Using an open relationship counseling approach, I was able to help my client understand that when we validate someone’s feelings it does not mean we submit to them.  This insight gave him a better understanding of how he could support his partner without losing touch with his own values.

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Preparing For Your Coaching Session

Clients that come to me for open relationship counseling and coaching have specific goals in mind. Many have questions about how to be in an open relationship in a healthy and sustainable way.  They want to talk with an open relationship expert who can help them move through challenging situations.  There is no one “type” of open relationship counseling client. I work with individuals, couples, and groups. I address each client’s needs in the moment and together we come up with a plan to move forward.

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