Open Relationship, Polyamory and Polyamorous Relationship Coaching FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Polyamory and Polyamorous Relationship Coaching…

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“How do you typically work with your Poly-Coach clients?

Most of my polyamorous relationship coaching sessions are done using Skype.  Skype offers a level of privacy and flexibility that works well for my Poly-Coach clients.  With Skype, I am able to serve more people, both locally and internationally.  Clients are able to connect deeply with their experience in the comfort of their own home.  I find it easy to guide clients in their process using this method of communication.  And, believe it or not, the level of intimacy and connection available with Skype is almost as good as if I was doing a session in person!

I typically work in packages of 1hour sessions.  That gives everyone a chance for individual attention as well as attention for the couple.  Some couples choose to have both.  The package creates a set container of time together where we can really focus on what needs attention and how to best move forward.  Contact me for current pricing information.

“How do I know if polyamory and polyamorous relationship coaching is right for me?”

Call for FREE Poly-Coach Exploratory Session!  The Exploratory Session is a great way for you have a chance to share your story with me, get instant feedback and ask any questions you have about the work I do and how we might work together.  During that time you will begin to notice what’s blocking you from reaching your goals and what you can do to immediately shift things.  Together we will get clear on where you are, where you want to go, and begin a path to get you there.  We will address what it’s like to practice polyamory and other forms of ethical non-monogamy.  The Exploratory Session will open the door to what it takes to create and nurture a healthy polyamorous relationship and will give you a taste of what I can offer you in my polyamorous relationship coaching.  There is no obligation to purchase a package.  I love what I do!  I help people see what’s possible and how they can create immediate shifts in their life and in their relationships.  Offering a Poly-Coach Exploratory Session is a great way for me to share what I love, and offer you something in return.  Think win-win :)


Here are a few things I help my Poly-Coach clients do…

  • Learn the difference between conscious and unconscious beliefs and patterns, see where and how these beliefs play out in your life, and what you can do to shift them.
  •  Dispel old beliefs and negative thought patterns that keep you stuck in unhealthy behaviors and perpetuating drama.
  • Learn how to set powerful intentions and stick to them.
  • Learn tools and gain valuable insights that will infuse your relationships with more connection, passion, presence, playfulness, and desire.
  • Practice healthy ways of connecting with others through self-inquiry, authentic relating, clear communication, and more.
  • Create new experiences that empower you to make choices that serve what you truly desire for yourself and for your relationships.
  • Learn more about what it means to be polyamorous, how to cultivate healthy polyamorous relationships and how to practice ethical non-monogamy in ways where everyone feels considered, respected, and loved.  

For more information Open Relationship and Polyamorous Lifestyle Coaching

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Please note:  You do not have to be polyamorous or in open relationship or polyamorous relationship to work with me.  I have experience with polyamory, open relationships, polyamorous relationships, and many forms of ethical non-monogamy.   Many people seek me out for that reason.  Regardless of what kind of relationship you are in, my goal is to help you create a more happy, healthy, balanced, nurturing, authentic relationship with yourself and with others.

Interested in Polyamory, Open Relationship and Polyamorous Relationship Coaching?

Call TODAY for FREE Poly-Coach Exploratory Session
Phone: 310-993-3147  or email me:

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Polyamorous Relationship Coaching via Skype ~ Serving Clients Worldwide

* Experience coaching in the comfort of your own home.
* Receive the same level of attention and connection as in-person coaching.
* Preferred method of coaching for local and international clients.
* Skype to Skype calls are FREE!

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