Polyamorous Relationship Coaching FAQ: “Why Do People Seek Polyamory and Polyamorous Relationships?”

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People seek polyamory and polyamorous relationships for a variety of reasons.  Here are a few common ones:

  1. Couples, once monogamous, are curious about being intimate with other people (individuals, couples, separate and/or together):  They are strong in their desire to continue their current relationship and are interested in opening up their relationship to explore intimate connections with other people. 
  2. People who naturally find themselves capable of loving more than one person at a time:  Maybe they have practiced this under cover in the past and they felt like they were doing something wrong.  They learn that there is a term (polyamory) used to describe loving more than one person.  These people often feel relief knowing they are not alone, and they begin to actively pursue multiple loving relationships in ways that feel more open, honest, and clean.
  3. Some people like the idea of polyamory but don’t really know what it’s like to be polyamorous:  These people tend to dive into the lifestyle to help them determine if polyamory is a good fit for them.
  4. Some people stumble into polyamory as a secondary partner:  A secondary partner is a single man/woman who engages with someone in a pre-existing polyamorous relationship.  In this example, the secondary partner may be new to polyamory and choose it in order to be in a relationship with the polyamorous person.  The success of the secondary relationship depends on everyone’s ability to stay true to their unique needs and desires and support others in doing the same. 
  5. Some people consider polyamorous relationships because they have had poor experiences in monogamous relationships or are new to the dating scene:  These people are ready to have an entirely new relationship to relationship and view polyamory as a way to be in a relationship with someone without losing themselves in the relationship.
  6. My own story:  I chose polyamory because I was at a point in my life where I was ready for an upgrade in my way of being in relationship.  My previous relationships were all monogamous, and for whatever reason, each one came to a point where I felt trapped.  I often had the sense that I was losing a part of myself.  After an incredibly challenging relationship, it became clear to me that I was done with traditional relationships.  I was ready to step out of the societal norm and create my own path.  I wanted to be in a relationship that supported my deepest desires and supported the deepest desires of my partner or partners.  I feel incredibly fortunate that my primary partner and I share the same values regarding our relationship together and our relationship with others.  It is dream come true for both of us.

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