Communication in Polyamory, Polyamorous Relationships and Ethical Non-monogamy

Laurie Ellington, Poly-Coach, Offers Coaching Tips for Open Relationships, Polyamorous Relationships, Poly Dating, and Ethical Non-Monogamy.

Communication, communication, communication.  Anytime I am asked what makes or breaks a healthy polyamorous relationship, my response is the same:  “It’s all about communication.”

When we are able to share what is real for us, in the moment, anything is possible.

When we are able to express our inner most desires, despite the fears that may come up, we give ourselves an opportunity to see and be seen, to love and be loved, to experience true intimacy with the world around us.

When we are willing to be vulnerable, to show up, to ask for what we want, and own our experience in the world, we create space for miracles to happen, for possibilities and new experiences to unfold before our very eyes.

Communication creates intimacy – In To Me See.  It’s so simple and yet can be pretty darn challenging at times.

My goal is to coach you through those challenging times. Better yet, my goal is to offer you tools so that you feel incredibly empowered during those times.

My goal is to teach you skills that enable you to communicate from the heart, and trust the process of offering your truth to another. My goal is for you to experience the myriad of possibilities that authentic communication and radical honesty have to offer.

Are you ready?

For more information about open relationship coaching and polyamory coaching services, and to schedule a Free Exploratory Poly-Coach Session, contact Laurie Ellington, Poly-Coach, today.

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Laurie Ellington

Polyamorous Coach at Poly-Coach
I teach people how to break through false beliefs and negative behavior patterns. I offer my clients tools that empower their life and their relationships.
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