What Guarantee Will I Have In An Open Relationship?

Laurie Ellington, Poly-Coach, Offers Coaching Tips for Open Relationships, Polyamorous Relationships, Poly Dating, and Ethical Non-Monogamy.

Here’s a question someone asked me today:  “What guarantee will I have in an open relationship?”

Here’s how I respond when someone asks me about guarantees of being in an open relationship or practicing polyamory and ethical non-monogamy:

What are you looking for in terms of “guarantee”?  Is it any different than what you might “expect” in a monogamous relationship or in life? As I see it, open relationships and polyamorous relationships are set up in a way that supports all participants in being at choice practicing consent with everyone involved.  For me, this seems like a pretty sweet guarantee for personal empowerment, expression, self-care, and connection with others.  Monogamy certainly can offer that too; however, when one or more partners start to feel stifled, inauthentic, or find themselves limiting or editing themselves and they don’t have a way to express this, things can get hairy.

I have a friend who said he wanted the kind of communication and relating that comes with polyamory and polyamorous relationships while staying monogamous.  I love that!

The bottom line is that anything is possible.  Whether you choose to be polyamorous, monogamous or a variation of the two, each relationship style will have its beauty and its challenges.  In reality, there are no guarantees.  What’s important is to get down to what is most true for you and live from that place :)

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